Monik is among the top ten of large and experienced producers of metal structures on the Estonian market. We have operated non-stop for almost twenty five years, and the steel products that we have manufactured and assembled have found application in construction, mining, wood processing, machine engineering and oil and gas industries in many countries of the world.

Monik today

  • is developing fast and entering new markets and areas of business;
  • keeps looking for partners and business contact all over the world constantly;
  • keeps optimizing production processes in order to increase business performance.


Our goal is to be a reliable partner and to support customers by providing the services of a professional team with the best value for money.


We strive to become a preferred international business partner to offer the best services and quality in the construction and industrial sector. We believe our main advantages are the following:

  • high quality,
  • competitive prices,
  • meeting delivery deadlines.
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